Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latest Attractions in Malacca (River cruise, Menara Tamingsari, Eye on Malaysia)

amani and her big smile..ready to aummm dinner at johny's

meriahnyer beca tuh

behind us, the image of eye on malaysia move out from tasik titiwangsa to malacca seaside

I just like the promoter of Malacca tourism coz publish most of the Malacca interest places recently..Hehehe. Kalo Shah Rukh dah dapat title Datuk dah ni..oopppsss..
Moreover, Amani already can understand and enjoy all the places we’ve visited. Especially when the time I said ‘smile’ and she will reveal her special asset to the camera..hehehe

Firstly. we enjoy the birds eye view of Malacca city by Menara Tamingsari, the first rotation tower ever in Malaysia. I paid Rm10 perhead just for about 6 minutes to enjoy the scenery from 80m above the ground level. The night view is so awesome where I can see the pattern of light from above astonishing..

Then, I grab the opportunity when my sister and her family from KB came and visited me in surprised. I brought them to Malacca River Cruise and Eye on Malaysia. My nephew, Afiq was the happiest person enjoys all this attraction.

bird's eye view from menara tamingsari

Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Day out

entrance at taman rama-rama
amani and her cute smileeee...

at taman rama-rama..ayer keroh

breakfast @ mc'd..aummm

on the way 2 to roaming around.....

our 1st snap of new camera at dataran pahlawan

I'm quite tense in a few weeks before..lots of excitement happened. So, i decided to release all the stress,tension and heavy workload inside me by doing something that really calm me. It's like being a 'tourist' on that day when we've been visited all the interested places in Malacca. When i recall back, i've been here nearly 4 years from the 1st day i reported my duty in Politeknik Merlimau which is on 3rd January 2005..from single of me..then become double after married..recently,triple when we got amani zahraa..our cutie daughter..