Friday, December 12, 2008


beshnyer kek nih..

sape nyer besday girl nih?

ready to taste a slice of secret recipe with tweety

amani and balqish (her cousin) ready to blow the candles

amani's birthday cake - secret recipe (cheese choc)

Amani grown another year older. can't belief that i've been a 'mummy' in 2 years already since 5th Disember 2006.after gone through the most unforgetable moment during deliver her birth at HUKM hospital that was the horrific moment in my life. having ceasarian after failed gone through vacum method.i'm suffering more than 40 days in tragic.we celebrated her birthday on Hari Raya Haji(8/12/08), 3 days belated from her real date. We can't go back to our hometown during this raya haji becoz of final semester exam in PMM on 9th disember. so, I have to work. But suddenly i got other work that is going for outstation to USM Penang for work trip to Science Lab,USM from 9-10 Disember 2008. Fly by MAS together with Aiza, K.shahrul, and K.Ina..Kesian amani.kene tinggal..2 hari satu malam..xleh 'nenen'..huhuhuhuhu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Northern peninsular. Here we come!!!

pose at bukit bendera with Qeyha n her family

inside train at bukit bendera

Near Lumut Jetty to Pulau Pangkor

during maghrib, at menara teluk intan

Menara Condong Teluk Intan,Perak On 27th till 30th November ago, I took 2 days leave just to spend time with my little family to pursue our target for family vacation on the school holiday. We just ‘check in’ at my brother in law (angah) at Teluk Intan and my best friend (Qeyha) at Nibong Tebal. Save our budget for hotel expenses..hehehehe. The journey begin from Malacca to Teluk Intan for one night – Lumut – then 2 nights at Nibong Tebal (ILP quarters) the back to KL – Malacca..

Not so many places to visit, just went to Lumut, shop for junk food of “hasil laut”and Bukit Bendera for a few snap. Most of the times spend for the journey through Plus Highway. Can’t wait to come here again to spend more time visits the places that I’ve been when I was in 2nd year KAED for study trip..Huhuhu.Reminisce me the time when we ‘lepaking’ at Padang Kota, went to Kek Lok Si and stay at horrific budget hotel in Batu like sardine. Second time when doing for Measured Drawing at Lebuh Acheh for 2 weeks. Now I’m still trauma with nasi kandaq..huhuhuhu.