Monday, July 20, 2009

Lotus art in the middle of nowhere..perghhh

This new entry just finished last week.But i can't afford tu upload it during that time.So, new state of the art in my beading hobby. Just for kak siti also Datin wannabe after kak Lyn in JKA..hehehhe..jgn marah ye kak lyn..ada pencabar..I'm not so prefer doing the manik tabur coz it takes more minutes to finished.But after my incredible patience gone last finished gak..this design quite tough to do on this fabric which is "lembik" and fragile..Ok,berat gak la tangan tuan yang memakainya tuh..Ok next,I got other beading job which are for ainie,k.intan,k.lyn..the coming soon kak suriawati..tunggu..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New entry for kek lapis sarawak

At last baju Kak Siti Marlinna siap sepasang.Design ni same with mine as before,but on the different fabric.Kek lapis sarawak nyer design namanye.Macam xde nama bende lain nak letak..hehehehe.tapi yg ni xleh makan tau.Ok,next entry coming soon in a few days.Baju org yang sama gak..almaklumla,kali ni dia borong antar baju suruh jahit manik.Ok, done!!